Statewide Automated Victim Information & Notification

Order Of Protection Notification Project

SAVIN is an acronym for Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification. The U.S. Department of Justice, through the Bureau of Justice Administration (BJA), implemented the SAVIN program to assist states in building, implementing, and improving victim notification strategies and systems throughout the United States.

The New York Sheriffs’ Institute is the lead SAVIN agency for New York State having been involved in the victim notification business since 1998.  The Sheriffs’ Institute as been awarded three SAVIN grants since 2007 and is currently in the process of implementing the Family Court Order of Protection Notification System.

How Does The Order Of Protection System Work?

The period of time immediately following service of an Order of Protection is recognized as a particularly crucial period for a victim. Abusers are often more violent during a period of separation.

If a victim chooses to register for this service, they will be notified that the Order of Protection has been served. However, The decision to take advantage of this service is the victim’s choice.

If the victim chooses to register for this service, the notification may provide an opportunity for the victim to be proactive and take appropriate precautions during this precarious time allowing the victim to implement a personal safety plan for themselves and any impacted children or other family members. To register go to


How Does SAVIN-NY Work?

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