• The Sheriff’s Office maintains eight K-9 Teams
  • A K-9 Team consists of a officer and a dog
  • The Rensselaer Sheriff’s Office has seven K-9 Teams assigned to Highway Patrol
  • The handler and dog must complete 360 hours of training before becoming certified by NYS DCJS; once certified they will train together on a weekly basis
  • When not working the canines live at home with their handler and their families
  • K-9’s have a working career of about eight to ten years, and a life expectancy of twelve

Certification and K-9 Skills

Police Tracking
Narcotics Detection (To alert their trainer these dogs respond aggressively, trying to get at the substance by scratching and pawing)
Explosive Detection (They will alert their handler by sitting next to suspected device)
Accelerant Detection
Canine's have a keen sense of smell allowing them to: Find someone who has become lost or disoriented.
Track and locate suspects hiding and secure suspects until a deputy safely enters and makes an arrest.
Search vehicles and buildings for suspects, narcotics, etc.

Meet our K-9 Teams

Deputy Blodgett & Kilo
Police Tracking and Narcotics Protection

Sheriff Mahar & Harley
Police Tracking and Narcotics Protection


Deputy Bourgault & Sarah
Explosives Detection

Deputy Jason Robelotto & K-9 Rommel
Police Tracking and Narcotics Protection

Deputy Walraed & Garrin
Police Tracking and
Narcotics Protection

Deputy Davendonis & Inferno
Accelerant Detection

Deputy Geracitano & Cody
Police Tracking and
Narcotics Protection 

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