Highway Patrol Bureau

  • Consists of 31 law enforcement personnel covering 665 square miles, 24-hour of every day of the year
  • All Deputies are EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) certified
  • Enforce New York State laws including Vehicle & Traffic Law, Penal Law, Family Court Act and Criminal Procedure Law
  • Responds to, and investigates; crime in progress calls, criminal mischief, suspicious activities and complaints, hunting accidents, missing persons reports, robberies, burglaries, assaults, and a host of other situations
  • Make arrests and/or issues appearance tickets for violations of federal, state and local laws and ordinances
  • Conducts searches for missing persons
  • Interviews and interrogates, and obtains and records confessions and statements
  • Controls civil disorder
  • Attends and testifies in court, presents evidence in connection with arrests made or cases investigated
  • Takes custody of persons who pose a risk to oneself or others and transport them to hospital for evaluation
  • Transports prisoners, inmates and defendants to various courts
  • Conducts motor vehicle accident investigation
  • Conducts Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Enforcement
  • Conducts emergency preparedness and disaster control
  • Executes and serves warrants, subpoenas and court orders, including Governor's and Fugitive Warrants
  • Conducts community vehicle enforcement
  • Conducts patrols of the Hudson River and lakes within the county
  • Conducts negotiations with barricaded individuals/ hostage situations
  • Conducts traffic checkpoints for compliance traffic
  • Conducts short and long term narcotics investigations
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